" [TUFF]2 is Twice Tough! "

Presenting [TUFF]2 Glass Brackets, a revolutionary departure from the conventional square glass brackets. Moulded in Aluminium-alloy, [TUFF]2 Glass Brackets lends the same strength, durability and finesse as of brass, mazzak (zinc-alloy) and other such metals. Though much lighter in weight than these metals, [TUFF]2 Glass Brackets has the same weight holding strength and durability as well as finish in them. The process involved in making [TUFF]2 Glass Brackets gives you the flexibility of giving different lengths according to customers’ needs. Indeed, [TUFF]2 Glass Brackets brings a new dimension in the material used.

  • Made for shelving of glass panes.
  • Available in different sizes for different applications
  • Unmatched Perfection in size, thickness & surface finish.
  • Finished with state-of-the-art plating machines for long lasting high-quality finish.
  • Available in four different sizes for different applications.
  • Customization is possible in length i.e. 3”, 4” and upto 24”
Dimensions/ Packing:

1" 25mm(l) x 25mm(b) x 12mm(h) 48 Nos. (per box)
  25mm(l) x 25mm(b) x 8mm(h) 80 Nos. (per box)
2" 2 50mm(l) x 25mm(b) x 12mm(h) 24 Nos. (per box)
  50mm(l) x 25mm(b) x 8mm(h) 40 Nos. (per box)
3" 75mm(l) x 25mm(b) x 12mm(h) 20 Nos. (per box)
  75mm(l) x 25mm(b) x 8mm(h) 24 Nos. (per box)
4"  100mm(l) x 25mm(b) x 12mm(h) 16 Nos. (per box)
   100mm(l) x 25mm(b) x 8mm(h) 20 Nos. (per box)
6"   150mm(l) x 25mm(b) x 12mm(h) 10 Nos. (per box)
8"  70mm(l) x 54.3mm(b) x 60mm(h) 8 Nos. (per box)
12" 300mm(l) x 25mm(b) x 12mm(h) 10 Nos. (per box)
Available Finishes :
  • Satin Nickel
  • Chrome Plated